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CNC-IPA Newsletter

The CNC-IPA prepares a brief Newsletter for distribution with the International Permafrost Association's Frozen Ground. Beginning in 2000, these are also being made available on the CNC-IPA web site.

  • Spring 2000 CNC-IPA Newsletter (downloadable PDF document: 63kb)
  • Spring 2001 CNC-IPA Newsletter (downloadable PDF document: 142kb)
  • Spring 2002 CNC-IPA Newsletter (downloadable PDF document: 237kb)


Copies of the CNC-IPA Newsletter and Frozen Ground are distributed to Canadian permafrost scientists and engineers on the CNC-IPA mailing list, and to various libraries across Canada. Persons or institutions interested in receiving copies or presently receiving copies but no longer wishing to, should contact the Secretary, Margo Burgess (

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